Vanessa Quinones

Vanessa QuinonesGrowing up with an artist, I was a teenager before I discovered some people didn’t think being an artist was a “real job”. Thinking oil painting, sculpture, glass or other difficult media was what counted, my pen scribbles were hard to take seriously. Then I found myself in New Mexico, where the strong light, coupled with subject matter everywhere you look, let me find the voice I didn’t know I had. I knew I was home!

My subject matter is all New Mexico and mostly my immediate surroundings. I can’t resist a pretty rock or a rusty metal bit and I pick up things wherever I go. Those become the still life paintings. The landscapes…well, they aren’t hard to find in Socorro County.

I began with tight, technical pen drawings of my surroundings. Soon, ink washes were needed for more subtle renderings of shade and light. The brush has now come to replace the pen in most of my work. I originally started adding selective color with water color paints but they handle quite differently than ink. When I switched to colored India ink, everything came together.

I live with my husband John Larson and three cats in a funky 100+ year old adobe house in “Downtown” Magdalena with a view of the Magdalena Ridge from my back porch. My day job is taking care of the Biology Department at New Mexico Tech, providing me with a whole different set of rewards. Born in Ohio, 15 year layover in Nashville, TN, I am now 100% New Mexican.