Skeeter Leard

Skeeter Leard paintingIn the Teton Sioux I found words that explain my love of horses:

Out of the Earth, I Sing for them
                 a horse nation.
        I Sing for them, the animals.

Simply exchange ‘Paint’ for ‘Sing’!

My paintings, no matter the subject, are about horses. I fell in love with the outdoors by way of horses at about age twelve, but I was apparently born in love with horses. Typically, I went to work at my first “real” job in order to supply my horses with hay during a drastic drought in the Midwest where I grew up. In 1971, I visited Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) at the suggestion of an artist friend to whom I will always be indebted. If I have a muse beyond horses, Bosque is it. So here we are, trying to capture the wonder of wild places so that other folks can “see” them well enough to be as obsessed as I am.

Wherever you find it, I hope that you will see one of my paintings that was made for you. Whatever the subject, it contains: a copper chestnut stallion with a silken mane the color of cream; crane voices in the Rio Grande valley; a sunlit lavender Iris against a shadowed adobe wall; Spanish voices and the heartbeat of guitars singing “Gloria, gloria, gloria Señor,” in a tiny church in the New Mexico outback.