Melody Sears

Melody SearsMy pastel art is inspired by the landscapes of New Mexico—the colors, light, shadows and contours. I have developed an understanding of the natural world after devoting countless hours standing outdoors behind my easel, really looking at the landscape and attempting to depict the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface without losing the majesty of the scene before me. I am humbled, jubilant, awestruck and grateful when I feel I’ve created a painting that is worthy of the scene it is based upon. It may sound trite, but that is what I live for as an artist.

I paint regularly outdoors, where smells, wind currents, temperature and clouds contribute not only to a plein air painting, but to the whole experience. Back in the studio I draw upon these painting memories to create my larger works. Without exception, my paintings seem to come to life within the last two or three minutes of painting when I apply final highlights, whether I’ve been working outside for two hours or in the studio for two weeks. To me the transformation at the end is always a miracle to behold.

Southwestern New Mexico is where I live and paint, close to rolling ranch lands, creeks, foothills and lofty mountains. I can think of no better place to be at this time in my life as I draw upon the beauty around me to give my life purpose and direction.