Matthew Snyder

Matt Snyder hails from the San Francisco Machine Art and Burningman scenes working with such groups as The Flaming Lotus Girls, Neverwas Haul, and the defunct Berkeley Shipyard Art Space. Now he paradoxically has found new inspiration in natural forms and loud colors. Currently he is making realistic sculptures of ocean plants and corals. Matt recreates the otherworld appearance and graceful movement of sea life buoyantly flowing in the tide.

Matt received a BFA in Industrial Design at California College of the Arts in 2003 and has since almost exclusively worked in metal fabrication processes. “I veered away from Industrial Design in that I didn’t want to be disconnected from making, design wasn’t enough and mass production I found to be too impersonal.” Matt went on to working at Ferrous Studios in Richmond CA, a high end metal design studio specializing in architectural metal and furniture design. At Ferrous Studios Matt designed and oversaw short run production of custom metal furniture and metalwork for wineries, restaurants and homes in the San Francisco bay area. At night Matt would work on Burningman projects, custom work, and personal art projects.

Matt was inspired by sea life from SCUBA diving on the California coast. “When one sees kelp on the beach it looks like a pile of slop, but flowing in the water when I am below the surface it is one of the most graceful and beautiful living things I have ever seen. Its beauty is in the context which we observe it and I seek to bring that beauty out of the water.” Matt incorporates stones from his property just outside Socorro into his artwork. “I like to think that in geological timescales that some of these rocks could end up in an ocean and have sea life cling to them.”