Linda Ravert

Linda Ravert “Adornment in its many forms has been with humans from the beginning. It has been used to honor special occasions, align with the tribe, and just because. I have found great happiness being a part of this and sharing what I find to be beautiful.” — Linda Ravert

While working full-time as a flight attendant for United Air Lines in Hawaii, Linda attended the University of Hawaii and graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts having majored in ceramics. However, with her job schedule and the high cost of a ceramic studio space, she decided to pursue jewelry making as it requires less equipment, a smaller space and is a more portable creative outlet. So she then studied jewelry making at the Honolulu Academy of Art from 1984 through 1986, where she learned casting, soldering, forming, and setting stones in silver, and found a new love working with metals.

In 1987 a job transfer took her to Virginia where she continued working in metal and began incorporating beads into her pieces. As a flight attendant she was able to look for new beads during layovers in foreign locales. By the time she retired from UAL in 1996, an essential tremor in her hand had developed and caused enough difficulty that metalsmithing was no longer feasible. It was at this time that working with beads, silver wire, and various findings became her main focus.

The beads she uses in her creations come from a variety of sources – estate jewelry, Bali silver, old earrings and necklaces, dichroic glass beadmakers, and online shopping. In addition to creating new pieces, She also does repair and/or repurposing of existing pieces from friends and clients. Linda lives with her husband in an off-the-grid residence and studio and practices recycling both at home and with her jewelry making.