Eva Stanley

Eva StanleyA childhood surrounded by nature often provides the building blocks for future wildlife artists. It serves to create a reverence for the earth’s tremendous and amazing variety of life forms. Growing up on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, Eva spent her childhood exploring the woodlands, marshes, and ponds of the Indiana Dunes. Many happy hours were spent scouring the dunes and their ponds for frogs, tadpoles, turtles, toads, and salamanders. She also gives great credit to her mother for boldly taking her children camping each summer, across the U.S. and Canada. That early exposure to so many different types of habitats and wildlife, helped to further instill her love of nature and wild places.

Naturally, her love of drawing animals began quite early. And, surprisingly, horses came into her life during her early teen years, giving her greater access to wild areas where few people venture. Eva notes, “I, like all children, was in love with animals- especially the wild ones. Each fleeting encounter left a hauntingly beautiful image etched in my mind. Even now, they rattle around for years, waiting to come back to life in the form of a sculpture or painting. As an adult, I find that all of the fieldwork and research that goes into being able to accurately recreate those moments, rejuvenates my spirit and reconnects my soul to all that has come before and all that I hope will continue after.”

Though always a creative person, fine art came into her life with a plein aire oil painting class in Santa Cruz, California in 1979, while pregnant with her first baby. What a time to discover your life’s passion! Since then, life has taken Eva from the redwoods and ocean of California, to living in the Hill Country of Texas, the remote mountains of western North Carolina, the piedmont of Virginia, back to Indiana- and in early 2006, finally settling in Colorado. Though primarily a self-taught artist, Eva gratefully and lovingly acknowledges each and every creative soul who has graced her life with their love, friendship, inspiration, knowledge, and encouragement.