Don Boyd

Don Boyd - Photographer Don has been capturing landscape and fine art images of the American Southwest with large and medium format film cameras since 1998. He sees our own human journey to consciousness and beauty mirrored in the deeply incised canyons, earthen textures and water-dependent life forms of this amazing land. His images attempt to share this love of light on an enduring landscape, and reflect the timeless, intimate and awestruck experience we so often have in its presence.

In recent years he has added high-end digital capture cameras to his kit. Don carefully chooses the print medium that he thinks best reflects the unique characteristics of the image. These may include giclée prints on photographic or water color papers, canvas, silk, or most recently, aluminum. Many of his images can be printed at 40×50 inches or larger in amazing detail.

Don has shown in Palm Springs, Scottsdale and Tucson, and had one-man shows at the Main Street Gallery in Las Cruces, NM and at the Macey Center at New Mexico Tech. Don lives with his wife, Deb, and their three dogs in Socorro, NM.