Chrysan Spreng

Chrysan Spreng and pottery “From the spinning energy of an atom, to the vast and complex nature of the universe, clay has a life and meaning to me that encompasses all of creation. As I sit down and begin my work on the potters wheel, I am reminded that all of life begins from this universal place of a balanced center. Working with the clay on the wheel begins a meditative and intuitive process that leads me into my creative space. As I work I allow the clay to take the form and shape of the vessel, knowing that I am a willing vehicle for its expression. Once the clay has found its form, it must be fired and glazed, then fired again. When the glazing is completed, I place the pieces carefully into the kiln where the magic of the fire forever leaves its mark on the pot. This is the most exiting part of working in clay, because the fire energizes, transforms and purifies the work. I am forever awed by the power and intensity of the fire.”