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About G.E. Grey

Prickly Poppy - Original G.E. Grey PaintingVisitors to the 2011 California Watercolor Society’s National Annual Exhibition, held that year at the Marin Art and Garden Center, may remember G.E. Grey’s “Prickly Poppy”. This 17” x 22” transparent watercolor went on to win the Winsor and Newton Award of Excellence at the 2012 Masterworks Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is now in a private collection.

Grey in California

Although her work might be called nature-centric, her interests reach beyond that to include her local environment wherever she has traveled and lived.

In an article published June 1997 The Kenly News (Kenly, NC) says her North Carolina barn and rural paintings capture “what historians will come to view as an important part of the state’s cultural heritage”.