This copyright notice assumes that the general public is honest enough to read and follow these guidelines. Please do not violate an artist’s copyright.

All copyright protections, for all images displayed in web pages from the Vertu Fine Art Gallery, are reserved by the artist of record. The artist has agreed with the Vertu Fine Art Gallery that these particular images may be displayed via the World Wide Web providing that all of the following guidelines are met. Such permission and use shall not be construed as placing any material in the public domain. The material we publish on the Web IS NOT being placed in the public domain. Remember: all copyrights remain with the artist of record and the artist expects to be paid for other than fair use.

Following these guidelines may help you avoid copyright infringement:

Pay The Artist.
If work is downloaded with the intent of profit then the Vertu Fine Art Gallery and the artist of record shall be paid a license fee and receive other reimbursement as per an agreement negotiated and acceptable to all parties in advance of such showing; violation of this provision shall not negate any rights of the Vertu Fine Art Gallery or of the artist. This paragraph is intended to say “don’t rip us off!”

The Image Shall Not Be Substantially Altered.
Changes in size and/or coloration shall not void the copyright interests of the artist. This paragraph is intended to say “don’t mess up the artist’s work!” and “don’t alter it and say it’s yours!”.

The artist, et. al., Shall Be Cited
Give written credit to the artist for producing the work, to the Vertu Fine Art Gallery for representing the artist, to the fact that the image was retrieved from the web, and to the particular web page where the image was found. This paragraph is intended to say “tell everybody all about the image, how and where you got it, and name the artist.”

Permission For Other Than Fair Use Shall Be Obtained.
If the work is going to be shown or widely distributed by publishing via any sort of media, the publisher shall first obtain from the Vertu Fine Art Gallery an acceptable image for such publishing, and then the Vertu Fine Art Gallery shall be notified in writing at the above address before actual publication occurs. The notification shall include an appropriate copy of the intended mechanism of the showing (tear sheet, video clip, disk, CD-ROM, etc.). This paragraph is intended to say “don’t use the material in violation of the law, and let us know before you do use the material.”

The intent of these provisions is to raise your awareness that you must respect the artist’s copyright, to remind you that you must appropriately reimburse the artist for the use of their intellectual property, and to provide you with guidelines that seem appropriate to guarantee that you have the ability to behave accordingly. If these guidelines are violated, then the artist’s rights have been violated, and we are all the poorer spiritually. Not to mention which, we might prosecute.