Vertu Fine Art Gallery physical store is now closed, so much of the description below does not apply.

Our History

The Tannery
The Tannery – Newburyport, Massachusetts

First there was Georgette. Then there was the historic Tannery Market Place in Newburyport, Massachusetts (well, okay, it was the other way around). In any event, there came to be a gallery, in the mid-nineties, known as the Vertu Fine Art Gallery, located amongst other high-end shops at The Tannery.

The gallery flourished and did well, attracted many fine artists to hang on its walls, and became known as the place to buy magnificent floral portraits done by watercolorist G.E. Grey.

But about a decade later a move came about, and Grey landed in Socorro, New Mexico. Having lived in Las Cruces in the early eighties, the move back to the Land of Enchantment thrilled her. But, no more gallery, although this web site, www.vertuarts.com, established in 1996, continued to exist, and she continued to paint (as though that could ever be stopped!).

Juan José Baca House
Juan José Baca HouseSocorro, New Mexico

Then, out of the blue with no notice to speak of, the opportunity to open another gallery, in another historic spot, presented itself. The Juan José Baca House is featured as part of the walking tour of Socorro’s Historic District. In 1884 the famed Elfego Baca clerked here.

Already having studio space in this wonderful old building, Grey decided that the Vertu Fine Art Gallery should live on, so once more many fine artists displayed within and on its walls. And that worked well, from January 2013 until September of 2015. But an opportunity arose to move into a space on Socorro’s Historic Plaza. Who could resist?

Vertu Fine Art Gallery
Vertu Fine Art Gallery 102 Plaza Street, Socorro, NM (courtesy Prescott C. Grey)

So through this convoluted route you now find us at 102 Plaza Street, right on Socorro’s Historic Plaza. We believe you will enjoy the new venue and its views. Come visit!

A note of interest to some: the dark green used in our signage and advertising, as well as the surround on this website, is close in color to, although somewhat lighter than, a popular New England tint known as “Essex Green”; it is evocative of the original Vertu Fine Art Gallery in Newburyport.

North Gallery

North Gallery
North Gallery – One of our four relaxing rooms.

The North Gallery, the first room you see when you enter the Vertu Fine Art Gallery, isthe largest of our four named galleries; it is also where you will find the working studio of Georgette Evans Grey, as well as many affordable gifts and art cards. Many find it relaxing to explore this and our other three rooms; we hope you do, as well.

Don’t be in a rush to leave the Gallery, or Socorro itself. Spend some time learning about Socorro’s history and what we offer in technology, wildlife, museums and art. Plan on spending several days exploring the local area. Visit the Sevilleta NWR just to our north and the Bosque del Apache NWR just south of us. Dine out at a local restaurant. Gather at a coffee shop. Relax. Enjoy. Climb a mountain, play a round of golf, explore an old mining ghost town, there’s truly lots to do.

East Gallery

East Gallery
East Gallery – One of our four relaxing rooms.

The East Gallery features a comfy chair to sit in while you contemplate some art.

While in Socorro you might find time to stop by the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce. They would like nothing more than to take time to introduce you to our magnificent County and all it has to offer. Socorro is rich in history, technology, wildlife and art; it is well worth spending several days exploring the local area.

South Gallery

South Gallery
South Gallery – One of our four relaxing rooms.

The South Gallery, as with our other named rooms, provides a chance to sit and relax, perhaps talk with a friend. It also is the room where you can find lots of watercolors by G.E. Grey.

The Catholic church in Socorro — the San Miguel de Socorro, built on the ruins of the old Nuestra Señora de Socorro mission — and many nearby buildings, including the Juan José Baca House, are part of Socorro’s interesting walking tour. Spending some time learning about Socorro’s history as well as enjoying the local atmosphere that is rich not only in history, but also in technology, wildlife and art makes for a rewarding day. Plan on spending several days exploring the local area.

West Gallery

West Gallery
West Gallery – One of our four relaxing rooms.

Another of the four rooms that comprise the Vertu Fine Art Gallery, the West Gallery serves as a transition from the North Gallery to the East and South Galleries. It is also the place where you can read the bios of our several artists or pick up some literature about art in New Mexico. And of course we can’t help but pitch all the other great things to enjoy in Socorro!

There’s more to do in Socorro than first meets the eye, so plan on spending several days exploring the local area. Socorro is rich in history, technology, wildlife and art. Perhaps you will, through luck or good planning, catch an Enchanted Skies Star Party; or maybe your interests tend more to something like the several thousand mineral specimens displayed in the Mineralogical Museum on the New Mexico Tech Campus. The City of Socorro Heritage and Visitor Center will happily talk to you about many more enjoyable things to do and see.