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Art Gallery 5th Anniversary Celebration Event

The Vertu Fine Art Gallery recently celebrated their 5th anniversary! For Georgette and Prescott Grey, owners of Vertu, it was a major event and everyone had a great time with all the people, fine hors-d’oeuvres, and many artists from all over.

Featured Artists

One of the first featured artists was Skeeter Leard. She particularly enjoys painting images of nature, primarily animals, and landscapes. Interestingly, Leard’s background (during her younger days) was creating artwork for Hallmark cards, which inspired her to continue as a painter later in life! Most of her lovely work is done in pastels.

“Sometimes in pastels, you can be spontaneous,” Leard said.

"Room Service" by Skeeter Leared
"Room Service" by Skeeter Leared

We were excited to see another featured artist – Erv Nichols – show off his collection of handmade jewelry at our art gallery. He creates unique pieces by taking bird foot tags and making them into earrings and other pieces. After years of practice, he now produces a quality work in under 5 minutes, and the proceeds benefit the bird population.

His inspiration was from working with birds after his retirement. Nichols said they helped him get some tough times. “I just wanted to give them something back,” he explained.

The next artist was photographer Don Boyd. Boyd’s work also deals in nature and elegantly showcases an unusual side of everyday things in life. He has used several different types of cameras, digital included. “You can do so much with digital,” Boyd said.

Boyd explained the difficulty in taking a successful night shot, which is no simple task.  “You can do anything with a digital camera.” He went on to describe the different types of cameras, lighting, and equipment used to photograph nature and wildlife.

"Cottonwood Leaf in Snow" by Don Boyd
"Cottonwood Leaf in Snow" by Don Boyd

Phil Norton was another featured artist whose unusual wooden bowls were the hit of the evening. Made from many different kinds of wood, Norton’s craftsmanship creates what is known as “turned wood vessels.” In other words, he takes the castoff bark or wood and transforms it into a usable piece of art.

“I like to do the Southwestern Indian pottery shape,” Norton said. And truly, many of his vessels are of a Native American theme, and one of his favorite woods to work with was salt cedar. “I love to take salt cedar and turn it into something pretty.”

The last artist of the evening was none other than Prescott Grey’s talented wife, Georgette. Georgette’s work is based in watercolor, and her works are numerous and unique. Many of the pictures she has painted reflect actual places in New Mexico, while others are fond memories.

"Yellow Crown" by Georgette Grey
"Yellow Crown" by Georgette Grey

Vertu Art Gallery’s 5th Anniversary Celebration was something Socorro will not soon forget. The sights, sounds, and wide array of artwork was something that would be a pity to miss.

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